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Indonesian Maids  

An Introduction

Indonesia's population is the world's forth largest and this has led to the huge surplus of workforce in the country.


With the large workforce, and a combination of scarcity of jobs at home, many Indonesians therefore seek job abroad to improve the situation at home with a better income. Most of these Indonesian Migrant Workers are females and works in the domestic sector as maids or domestic workers.

269.54 million people


Indonesian Domestic Helpers Working In Singapore

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Bahasa Indonesia

(Some Similarities with Bahasa Melayu)

Basic English

Good English

(Experienced Maids)


  1. Muslim  (88 %)

  2. Christian (7 %)

  3. Catholic (3 %)

  4. Others (2 %)

* Figures are based on research estimates

Areas of Work

  1. Infant Care

  2. Children Care

  3. Elderly Care

  4. General Housework

  5. Cooking

Dietary Restriction

Indonesian Muslim Maids will not be able to consume pork but are able to assist with the preparations and cooking. 

Why You Should Consider Hiring an Indonesian Maid in Singapore? 

Indonesian Maids or Indon Maids remains as one of the most popular hiring choice compared to the Burmese, and Mizoram maids due to a number of factors. 

Firstly, there are many older Singaporeans who are able to speak some form of basic of Malay. In addition, there is a considerable size of Malay population here in Singapore who prefers to hire a domestic helper with similar religious faith. 

Secondly, the Indonesian Domestic Workers are known to be more willing to provide care to the infants, children, and elderlies. 

In the terms of abilities to cook and flavour of their food, the Indonesian food culture is very similar and popular amongst Singaporeans. Think about the spices, curry and rendang chicken, and nasi goreng. The list goes on. These are dishes that local Singaporean Domestic Employers can relate to and are familiar with. 

Why Hire An Indonesian Maid

Is Maintaining the Monthly Cost of Hiring an Indonesian Maid Affordable?

The first thing that comes to our mind when deciding whether to hire a Maid In Singapore is the cost. We often weigh the pros & cons of having a maid at home against the ability for an improved quality of life. For example, by having a maid to look after your children, both parents can then head out to work providing 2 sources of income instead of 1. Weighing that against the monthly maintenance of the maid's salary and upkeep, is it worth it? 

We look into these costs in detail and you can decide then if hiring an Indonesian Maid to work for you in Singapore is something you would consider. Plan well!

Monthly Cost

Indonesian Maid Salary

New Maid 


Ex Singapore Maid

$550 - $620

Ex Hong Kong / Taiwan

$600 - $620

Off Day Compensation

By the rules and regulations of Singapore, all Foreign Domestic Helpers are entitled 4 off days per month. Should they wish by mutual consent to work on their off days, their are required to be compensated for each of the off days not taken.

Daily Salary Calculation

(Basic Salary / 26 days)


Range: $21 to $31 per day


Monthly Maid Levy Rates From  1st April 2019 Onwards

1st Maid - $300

2nd Maid - $450

Concessionary - $60

Conditions for Concessions

  1. Household with children under age of 16

  2. Household with persons aged 67 and above


You must provide your maid with 3 adequate meals a day

1) Breakfast 

2) Lunch 

3) Dinner 

It is good to be understanding and sensitive to your maid's needs when it comes to food. Do not force her to eat food that she is uncomfortable or not allowed to consume. 


As a Domestic Employer of Indonesian Maids in Singapore, you are responsible for your Maid's Medical Care should it be required. You are also required to purchase a Maid's Medical Insurance with a Medical Insurance Coverage of at least $15,000 per year for inpatient care and day surgery, and a Personal Accident Coverage of at least $60,000 per year.

However, it is good to note that there are certain situations in which an Insurance Claim is excluded. For example, General GP visits, Dental Issues, Pre-Existing Conditions, Pregnancy, and illness relating to Mental Health. 

Even with the above exclusions, it is recommended to obtain a higher Maid Insurance Coverage to have a better peace of mind during the course of employment.


As required by the regulations of hiring a Maid in Singapore, here are some criteria's you should take note of.


  1. Basic Amenities 

  2. Sufficient Ventilation 

  3. Safety

  4. Modesty

  5. Space & Privacy

  6. Adequate Shelter

Should you require lodging your Indonesian Maid while your travel overseas, you can expect to pay up to $20 per day.


If you are looking to improve the skills of your maid for a better employment relationship, you might want to consider signing her up for some Indonesian Maid Training Course.

Depending on your hiring requirements, you can look into the following options:

  1. Infant Care Program

  2. Elderly Care Program

  3. General Housework

  4. Cooking Classes 

  5. Basic Conversational English


When an employment relationship comes to an end with your Foreign Domestic Helper, you will have to ensure the following is done when sending her home.

  1. Ensure passport is valid

  2. Buy her an air ticket to the International Airport closest to her hometown. 

  3. Give her advance notice of her departure 

  4. Pay for all the costs of sending her home which includes her air ticket and check-in luggage.

What Are The Recruitment Cost (Agency Fees) Associated With Hiring An Indonesian Maid?

As with the monthly upkeep, you will have to cater for a one-off recruitment expense while engaging the services of a Maid Agency in Singapore. All these fees are part of the cost needed to Interview, Select, Apply, and Hire your Domestic Helper.

Recruitment Cost

Recruitment Costs 

Agency Fees

At the very start of employing a Maid in Singapore, you will also need to pay for a one-off expenses which includes the Singapore Maid Agency's Maid Recruitment Fees, Application Charges by the Ministry of Manpower, Medical, Transportation, Maid Insurances, Indonesia's Performance Bond, etc.


The Maid Agency will handle your application process and make all the necessary arrangements to ensure the selected Indonesian Maid is deployed to your household.

During the course of employment, the Maid Agency will provide you with support and assistance to improve the success rate of the employment relationship.

Placement Fees 

This component of the Maid Hiring Fees is also commonly known as the maid loan which is basically the maid's cost to work in Singapore. 


This fees covers her pre-employment expenses such as training, documentation, lodging, and medical examination made to her Overseas Maid Training Centre and local recruitment centres to assist her with the application process and job search.

These placement fees or maid loans are not considered as part of your recruitment expenses as you will recover the loan back through a fixed repayment plan through salary deductions in the first few months of employment. 

Looking to Hire an Indonesian Maid?


Island Maids is a well established Singapore Maid Agency that have successfully match over 15,000 families and domestic helpers. We ensure all our helpers go through structured training in Singapore at our own dedicated training school. Island Maids Training School is one of Singapore's Largest Maid Training School and we conduct classes developed to help educate and improve the work capabilities of the maids before they commence work.


Island Maids Training School is also an approved training partner of the Caregiver Training Grant (CTG) which is administered by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). This means that we are able to provide both Home Based and Classroom Based elder care training and certification for helpers being deployed to families with caregiving requirements at a subsidised rate of only $10* instead of the usual price of $140 and $190 respectively. This course is conducted by our In-House Trainers who are certified nurses with the Singapore Nursing Board.


(*subject to the care recipients CTG yearly CTG balances capped at $200 per year)


For your Maid Search, you can visit:

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We look forward to serving you and your family in your search for a suitable domestic helper.

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